Originally Published: Thursday, 20 January 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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3dfx news

3Dfx's response to nVidia's partnetership with SGI and VA Linux was released yesterday on www.3dwars.com. Mazi Bahadori asked Keith Galocy, Developer Relations Manager for 3Dfx Interactive a questions that has been on the minds of many of us for a while now: (click below)

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Mazi: Recently, 3dfx made the decision to move Glide, your proprietary API, to Open Source, enabling the entire gaming community to freely code games under Glide. Although the move has made it easier for current developers, it's quite obvious that it was targeted towards the Linux community, bringing their developers closer to 3dfx based games on the market. However, Nvidia has recently announced the partnership between SGI and VA, to bring the first Open GL Graphics sub-system to Linux workstations. How do you feel this will affect 3dfx and their open soured Glide? If Linux gamers are able to use this new and improved Open GL, why should they stick with Glide?

Keith: As Linux matures as an operating system, we believe you will see more and more companies targeting its users. Competition is good and Linux users are the ones that will benefit. Nvidia's announcement will not affect 3dfx or Glide plans for Linux. 3dfx supports both Glide and OpenGL on multiple platforms so applications written for either API will run on 3dfx hardware. Our goal is to provide the Linux community with the best performing product regardless of what API they choose to work with. We are not pushing one API over another. 3dfx's Linux strategy is based upon the open source concept. The Glide API and all 3dfx hardware specifications were made public some time ago and can be found at http://linux.3dfx.com. 3dfx is following the open source model based on advice from Linux developers. The feedback we have been getting from them is all very positive. They are thrilled with the Glide API and are quite pleased with the progress they have made on their projects.

You can read me more, here.

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