Originally Published: Tuesday, 18 January 2000 Author: Kara Pritchard
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Linuxcare Evangelizing LUG Support

Linuxcare has a dedicated evangelist for Linux User Group support. Matthew Cunningham, formerly with Linux Journal, is now available to help with all kinds of things, from giving away the latest edition of their famous Bootable Business Card, as well as "LNX" and "Linuxgruven" bumper stickers and Linuxcare tshirts. Linuxcare can also provide server space hosting, support, and promotion for Linux User Groups. Further, financial assistance to qualifying user groups has been made available. This "free" money can be used for tshirts, events, and install fests. "Linuxcare gave me a huge budget to give to LUGs. Matthew says, "Now I just need the Linux communities help in spending it". You can reach Matthew by sending an e-mail to (community at linuxcare.com).