Originally Published: Monday, 17 January 2000 Author: Jeff Alami
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Kara Pritchard Joins LPI Staff

Linux.com's LUGs project manager Kara Pritchard joins the ranks of the Linux Professional Institute.

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The Linux Professional Institute (http://www.lpi.org/) proudly announces that Kara Pritchard (kara@lpi.org) has joined its Exam Development Department as Assistant Director for Program.

In her position, Kara will be responsible for overseeing program development for LPI's Linux certification program. This includes such functions as planning the content of exams, conducting research into activities performed by Linux system administrators, and developing objectives for the exams.

Kara has a long history of contributing to the Linux community. She has served in leadership positions in Linux user groups (LUGs). In late 1999, she authored a book aimed at preparing candidates for the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exams. In addition to her duties with LPI, Kara serves as LUG Project Manager for Linux.com, a popular portal site operated by VA Linux.

Tom Peters, who led LPI's program development activities during 1999, has stepped down from this role but will remain active as a member of the LPI Board of Directors. Tom will also serve as an Exam Development Specialist and will continue to contribute to LPI's development efforts in that capacity.

Kara's first major task in her new position will be to launch a discussion about what content should be covered in the second level of LPI's certification program. Knowledgeable Linux professionals interested in participating in this discussion are urged to subscribe to LPI's program mail list by sending a message to majordomo@linuxcare.com with the line "subscribe linux-cert-program".

--- Scott Murray, Director of Exam Development scott@lpi.org Linux Professional Institute, Inc. http://www.lpi.org Developing quality professional certification for the Linux community

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