Originally Published: Thursday, 13 January 2000 Author: Derrick H. Lewis
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Nuclear Weapons Site Hacked

Two US nuclear weapons labs where penetrated by hackers this week. These are the same hackers who hacked 26 ISP's in the US and overseas.

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Nuclear Weapons Sites Hacked By Martin Stone, Newsbytes. January 13, 2000

At least two sensitive US nuclear weapons labs have been penetrated by malicious hackers in recent weeks, according to a report today by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The BBC said that teenage hackers stole thousands of Internet accounts and used them to scan the networks of two national laboratories involved in the nuclear weapons program.

The five hackers, aged 15 to 17, hacked 26 Internet service providers (ISPs) in the US and overseas. They had a list of 200,000 user accounts from Pacific Bell and were able to successfully steal the passwords for about 95,000 accounts, the BBC said, adding that the crackers used the accounts to anonymously scan the networks of the Sandia and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, both involved in the nuclear weapons program.

The report said that the intruders did not gain access to the labs' most sensitive files, but federal officials have described the hackers' activities as "unwelcome visits" and that, although no arrests have yet been made, the suspects have been contacted by authorities.

The report follows news on Monday that a hacker had stolen thousands of credit card numbers from online music vendor cdUniverse and attempted to blackmail the site by demanding $100,000.

Last weekend, a hacker reportedly redirected Web traffic from at least nine sites to a site called HighSpeedNet.net.

As Newsbytes has reported, US Attorney-General Janet Reno has called for a national computer law enforcement network that crosses jurisdictions, and noted that an FBI survey of Fortune 500 companies found that 62 percent had reported computer security breaches in the last year.

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