Originally Published: Tuesday, 11 January 2000 Author: JC Pollman and Bill Mote
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Backup for the Home Network

November's Linux Gazette contains an interesting article about backing up a home network.

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Backup Plan: For the home network, you have to have some sort of backup plan. Although hard drives will crash, the real value in the backups is restoring accidentally deleted, or changed, files. Sooner or later you will delete, or change, something important, and without a backup, you could render your computer unbootable. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I actually deleted /root on one occasion. Note: backups should be considered compromised if you have been cracked. Backup plans need to be simple to implement or they will not get done - especially at home. A backup plan for home should cover two areas: how much are you going to backup, and how are you going to do it with the least amount of effort.

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