Originally Published: Tuesday, 11 January 2000 Author: Ben Venable <bvenable@linux-support.net>
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Linux Support Services

Learn more about Linux Support Services, one of several companies providing commercial (and in this case, also free) Linux support to the masses.

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Mark Spencer, the founder of Linux Support Services (LSS) saw a need for Linux support in early 1998 and created a free Internet site where volunteer Linux enthusiasts (unaffiliated with the company) provide technical help to new users.

The architecture of the free site was used to create the corporate foundation on which Linux Support Services thrives.

"We use the free support site as a magnet for finding our staff, and to measure their performance, " explains Spencer. After handpicking the staff members, Spencer says that he can place the most appropriate support professional at the service of a client, with minimal overhead. This practice reflects Spencer's corporate motto, "Much as Linux developers used the Internet as a tool for creating a powerful, low cost operating system, we do the same for support by creating a 'virtual company' unconfined by geographic location." This innovative company has helped hundreds of Linux users with anything from configuring their web sever to writing custom software.

LSS uses an hourly billing method that allows the company to provide a much wider scope of support than other vendors, without the need for long-term support contracts.

A client chooses the level of support they would like. Basic Web based support starts at $35, with prices ranging up to a maximum of $100 for 1-hour response with a technician on the telephone.

You can visit the Linux Support Services corporate Website at www.linux-support.net to learn more about the services and products offered by the company.

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