Originally Published: Sunday, 9 January 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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New Deathmatch map

Source: Voodoo Extreme
A new Quake 3 Arena deathmatch map is available called Anti- Logic. The map was created by id Software's Ziod and was primarily made to promote Sonic Mayhem's new album. The 13MB download includes a 2 minute previews ot the new album. Here's what Sonic Mayhem has to say about it. (click below)

"To promote the release of our Soundtrack and to celebrate the new millennium, we have created something cool for you mayhem freaks: With the help of the awesome id level designer Zoid, we've created a brand new Quake III Arena DM level! But that's not all. We've also produced another new music track called "Anti-Logic", just for this level!" Get the map here
Check out Screen shots here: