Originally Published: Sunday, 26 December 1999 Author: Stan Shivell
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LNO: Getting Connected to the Internet with KPPP

Linuxnewbie.org has posted a "Newbieized Help File" about Getting Connected to the Internet by using KPPP.

This document is designed to give a detailed simplified view on how to generally setup an Earthlink connection using KPPP, however, it can be applied to any ISP. The method on display here was tested on Open Linux 2.3 using KPPP V1.6.11 (supplied with the Open Linux 2.3 distribution release), with several varieties of external modems. If you have another distribution of Linux with KPPP, there is a good chance the method here will work, but you may have to change an item or two. Please refer to you distribution documentation concerning any changes or variations in configuring KPPP.

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