Originally Published: Wednesday, 22 December 1999 Author: Terry Warner
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Some Game Ideas

The Games Staff likes to keep their eyes on some cool games to try out. We have some news games that we feel have some great features and good gameplay. So when you have the time download these games and give them a try out.

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  • It currently supports 8-ball pool, complete with customizable physics.
  • Future versions will support other games such as snooker.
  • Future versions will also a more realistic physics engine with more customizble features.
  • Network support coming soon.
  • The author will also be creating a 3D version MESA or a similar library.

The source code and binaries for this game can be found here.




  • Skeletally animated players. Animations are generated in real time based on a (not so great, but functional) physics model. You'll never see the same collision twice.
  • Texture mapping. Players can be identified on the ice by their jersey number, and advertisements can be placed on the boards and on the ice itself.
  • Bigger players show up as taller and wider than smaller ones.
  • Fatigue and automatic line changes.
  • Penalties (except 2 line passes)
  • Direct player control (Only keyboard is currently supported), either in puck hog or single position mode.

Planned Features:

  • A few more graphical touches, such as heads turning to track the puck, and a completely different set of animations for goalies
  • Integration of coaching and control features from regular version into 3D accelerated version.
  • Career play. Players are drafted into leagues, change over seasons, and retire.
  • Trading among computer controlled teams as well as player controlled teams
  • Waivers and free agency

The binaries for this game cane be found here.

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