Originally Published: Wednesday, 22 December 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
Published to: Internal News/Columnists Page: 1/1 - [Std View]

The Story of Two Penguins

"Today it is hard to a find a software company that isn't porting its products to Linux or forming a strategy to take advantage of Linux's burgeoning popularity."

"Indeed the rise of Corel has been a miracle. Many investors have been writing off Corel as a company of the past. The company tried, unsuccessfully, to take on Microsoft in the office productivity arena. Its designer software, Corel Draw, has lost to Adobe Photoshop."

"Then Corel gets a new lease on life with Corel WordPerfect and Corel Linux. These are impressive products and it is these products that convinced Corel CEO Dr. Michael Cowpland to aggressively transform Corel into a Linux company."

"Today, Corel is essentially a Linux company. The company expects the bulk of its revenues to be derived from Linux by 2005."

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