Originally Published: Thursday, 9 December 1999 Author: Allan Jason Pasco
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The Linux Diaries

We here at Jumpstart know how hard getting started with Linux can really be. So we have started a series of writings by our very own Allan Pasco, detailing his getting started with Linux. Here is the first in the series, describing his first attempts at learning what Linux was.

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Hello Linux newbies and gurus. My name is Allan Pasco (aka Jay), and I am a recent member of the jumpstart community. I am computer science major who enjoys programming and learning about Linux. I have been a Windows user for five years and found the operating system to be very boring. After many months of crashing, slow response time, and viewing the infamous BSOD (the blue screen of death), I decided to try Linux.

I decided to surf the web to find information on what type of distribution would be easy to install. After inquiring and reading many websites, I made the decision to install "Red Hat 6.0". At that time, I decided to keep Windows and to create a partition for Linux. Thus, whenever my computer booted up I was able to choose between linux or windows. Next, I did some research on what I needed to get through the installation on my laptop. After obtaining all of the hardware specifications I needed, the whole installation was a breeze. I found Red Hat's installation scheme to be very user friendly and quick. If you are new to Linux and have never experienced installating it, try Red Hat. After the installation, I immediately created a PPP (point-to-point protocol) connection to the Internet and installed my external modem. (Winmodems should have never been born!) Then I chose to use Enlightenment as my window manager along with the desktop environment by GNOME. Recently, my Linux box was used for programming projects. If you are studying as a computer science major, Linux is a must on your PC. Linux comes with many compilers such as gcc and g++, which are used to compile C and C++ languages. There are other compilers as well as languages that you can use and learn about such as awk, perl, and Tcl/Tk. Some of these languages can be used to program scripts for performing any special task.

In a month I learned that Linux is a very stable operating system. I was able to run five programs in Linux without it slowing down or crashing. Linux is a very powerful operating system. For the past year Linux has made a great impact in the computer world. Many computer companies are investing in Linux and distributing them with their products. Soon the day will come when Windows will be overthrown by the "penguin."

If you're new to Linux please do not get frustrated when you're having a hard time. There are many people in the Linux community willing to give you the help you need. You can talk to the jumpstart team at channel #jumpstart at irc.linux.com. Please feel free to come back and read about my Linux problems and achievements. I will be planning to compile the kernel and to install my 100 zip plus drive this coming weekend. Until next time, I bid you farewell, good luck, and have fun!!!

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