Originally Published: Tuesday, 7 December 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Trae McCombs in the Linux Magazine's Who's Who

The site manager of Linux.com is featured as one of the 50 Linux community members of the Linux Magazine's Who's Who list.

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Trae McCombs, Linux.com's fearless site manager, made it big with an entry into Linux Magazine's list of 50 of the most influential Linux community participants. This list, known as the Linux Magazine's Who's Who, includes well-known people such as Alan Cox, John "Maddog" Hall, and (of course) Linus Torvalds.

Lesser-known but equally important members on the Who's Who list includes: Dirk Hohndel, head developer for XFree86; Alexey Kuznetsov, Linux kernel hacker; Jacques Le Marois, founder of MandrakeSoft; and Andrew Tridgell, the creator of Samba.

Trae McCombs joins Rob Malda, Slashdot founder, and Dave Whitinger, LinuxToday founder as members of the Linux Web site community.

The Linux Magazine Who's Who

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