Originally Published: Monday, 6 December 1999 Author: Terry Warner
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3Dfx Open Sources Glide API and Releases Hardware Specifications

This Article is from an Offical 3dfx press release:3DFX Press Room
3dfx Takes Leadership Position in 3D graphics for Linux SAN JOSE, Calif.- Dec. 6, 1999 - 3dfx InteractiveŽ Inc. (NASDAQ: TDFX) today announced that the company is Open Sourcing its GlideŽ application programming interface (API) and releasing hardware specifications for all its currently shipping 3D hardware accelerators.

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By Open Sourcing Glide and releasing the specifications, 3dfx is enabling software developers and the Open Source community to better develop, support, and maintain drivers for 3dfx products across a variety of delivery platforms. Moving forward, 3dfx will focus its internal efforts on developing the industry's best Direct3D and OpenGL hardware platforms.

"Glide was originally created as a response to the industry's need for an API that would allow developers to capitalize on emerging 3D technology," said Al Reyes, director of strategic marketing at 3dfx Interactive, Inc. "Today we have taken a leadership position in 3D graphics for Linux and the Open Source community overall by giving programmers and developers the tools necessary to continue to evolve the API to keep pace with the rapid improvements in 3D hardware capabilities."

"By providing Glide and programming specifications to the development community, we once again demonstrate our commitment to Open Source technology," said Scott Sellers, executive vice president and chief technical officer of 3dfx Interactive, Inc. "The release of the API and the hardware specifications allows for rapid tailoring of drivers and applications for 3dfx products to suit a variety of platform needs. This leadership move substantially enhances our ability to become the standard for cross-platform 3D hardware."

"3dfx has made a bold statement to the Linux community today by Open Sourcing their proprietary API, Glide," said Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux Operating System. "With the Open Sourcing of FXT1 texture compression and Glide, 3dfx has followed through on its commitment to Linux. By releasing the specifications for all past and current hardware, developers will be able to evolve 3D graphics for the Linux platform and take advantage of the strong features that Voodoo products deliver."

"The release of Glide to the Open Source community improves the 3D capabilities ofthe Linux-based OS," said Erik Troan, Director of Engineering, Red Hat, Inc. "With the Open Source release of FXT1 texture compression in August followed by today's announcement of Open Source Glide and hardware specifications, Red Hat sees a real commitment from 3dfx to become the leading 3D hardware platform for Linux-based OSes."

3dfx released the initial version of Glide for Voodoo Graphics in 1996. It was developed by 3dfx to allow developers to easily take advantage of new 3D hardware features available on 3dfx products. The company continues to create new groundbreaking digital effects and features such as the recently announced T-Buffer(tm) technology, bringing cinematic effects to the PC, and Open Source FXT1(tm) texture compression, which allows developers to increase texture complexity, resulting in a more immersive 3D experience for the user.

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