Originally Published: Sunday, 5 December 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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KDevelop 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of KDevelop, an Open Source integrated development environment for KDE, is released today.

The KDevelop project started in 1998 with the goal to create a high-quality, user friendly integrated desktop environment for Unix systems. After a year of development, and four months of testing and bug fixing, KDevelop has reached the often-elusive version 1.0.

KDevelop is to development as KDE is to the desktop. It provides an integrated solution for C/C++ development, including a project generator, coding environment, documentation system, dialog editor, CVS support, and more. "This enables programmers to reduce development cycles to a minimum," say the authors of KDevelop, "while it offers the flexibility to work as they want at the same time."

KDevelop, as the name suggests, works with the K Desktop Environment and the QT libraries from Troll Tech. Version 1.0 of KDevelop is built to work with KDE 1.x. The upcoming KDevelop 2.0 will support KDE 2.0 and future QT libraries. "Whereas hard-core Unix-developers state that Emacs and vi are the ultimate solution," the KDevelop team states, "KDE provides developers with a complete application framework together with the Qt library. The fact of the commercial availability of Qt also gets the interest of commercial development parties."

KDevelop 1.0 is available at the KDevelop Web site, complete with documentation, screenshots, as well as pre-packaged binaries for Linux and Solaris.