Originally Published: Saturday, 27 November 1999 Author: Terry Warner
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Q3 for linux

source: linuxquake.com Well good news for all Linux users of Q3 Arena. Todd Hollenshead has put in his plan some very exciting news for the linux community. You can read his plan on the link below

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Todd Hollenshead 's .plan

[idsoftware.com] Welcome to id Software's Finger Service V1.5!

Name: Todd Hollenshead Email: toddh@idsoftware.com Description: CEO Project: Last Updated: 11/25/1999 09:58:42 (Central Standard Time) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11-25-1999

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Great news for Linux users: I just received word that the Linux version of Q3A *will* use the limited edition tin box that everyone has been clamoring for. We should have an announcement on Monday with the expected availability date.

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