Originally Published: Wednesday, 17 November 1999 Author: John Eastman
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New HOWTO: Linux on the iMac DV

Initial development HOWTO for those interested in getting linux running on their iMac DV or DV SE.

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From iMacLinux.net

This is an initial development howto for those interested in getting Linux running on their iMac DV or DV SE, this SHOULD work with the iMac 350 as well. This may ALSO work for the G4 Sawtooth servers, I haven't tried it put it might just work!

First you will need a few things:

iMac DV 2.2.14pre-release kernel One of these large disk images Another computer with Linux on it

You can also get these items from our mirror sites thanks to Yellow Dog Linux. You should probably download the kernel to your iMac DV (from MacOS), you will need to make sure you iMac DV/350 system has a small HFS (Standard) partition so that you can install a boot loader. We used our own loader that we are developing, but we did test poof which we mentioned in this article.

In order to use poof you will need a small, 10 or 20Mb HFS standard partition. The best way to achieve this is to repartition your iMac, by first booting it with the software restore CD, running the disk setup utility and then partition it into four parts (we did this, one for MacOS, one for our small partition install, one for the Open Firmware loader and finally one large one for Linux later). Set all but the MacOS to HFS standard.

You will need a binary copy of poof, so compile it on another PowerPC under Linux OR use a cross compiler environment on another architecture (this is what we did to test poof). Place poof and the vmlinuxdv3 image onto your small HFS partition, you can do this in MacOS. Next power down your iMac DV and switch of the host system. The host system can be a PC or PowerPC, we used an AMD K6-3 running Linux-Mandrake 6.1. You will need to string an IDE cable between the systems, we used our secondary IDE interface on the AMD system, and a spare IDE cable.

On the iMac DV/350, simply unlock the upgrade panel at the rear (where the memory/airport cards go). If you tilt the iMac you can see a 50 way connector plug into the DVD ROM, and a 40 way connector go from the DVD Rom to the IDE drive. Carefully unhook the IDE connector from the drive and (with your iMac close to your PC) hook the PC's secondary IDE cable to the iMac's HDD. Make sure that you use a keyed IDE cable.

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