Originally Published: Wednesday, 17 November 1999 Author: Terry Warner
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Unreal Tournament is here!

The long awaited release of Unreal Tournament is here ! Beginning shipping to stores on Novemeber 22nd so expect it soon. The new game promises to set new standards on first person shooter games of this type.

New game play modes have been introduced along with Artificially Intelligent Bots that taunt you before fragging you. New features introduced into the multiplayer aspect of the game include Capture the flag, Assault, and Domination. For more information about these different mods please visit the newsbrief at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/991117/ny_gt_inte_1.html Due to the partnership between Epic Games and S3, Unreal Tournament has over one gigabyte of orininal textures. Video adapters using the Savage4 and Savage/IX 3D accelerator chips will experience much more realistic enviroments. Visit S3 at www.s3.com or www.diamondmm.com.