Originally Published: Wednesday, 17 November 1999 Author: Erik Severinghaus
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Compiling a New Kernel

An Extremely thorough article from the Joshua Series at Linuxpower explaining compiling new kernels. Full Story.

Compiling a New Kernel

By jbm@intertek.net

The kernel is a file that is the most important part of any operating system. The kernel sets up a basic interface between the hardware and software. It's also what distinguishes Linux from other Unix operating systems. Most of what people think is Linux is actually from the Free Software Foundation and other GNU authors. In addition to hardware, the Linux kernel is responsible for supporting protocols like TCP, IP, PPP, and all the filesystems out there.

Compiling the kernel should be one of the easiest things to do, but as with most things dealing with Linux, there are problems people encounter along the way. Let's just save that thought for later.

1.Downloading and Unpacking the Kernel Source Download Kernel.org Mirror Sites Unpacking the source Patching Checking Dependencies 2.Compiling the Kernel Configuring the Kernel Compiling the Kernel Notes on Compiliation 3.Installing LILO 4.Various Authors' Notes

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