Originally Published: Wednesday, 17 November 1999 Author: Kara Pritchard
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New LUG formed

I was sent a news item about a new LUG forming in Evansville, Indiana today. As soon as I find out when the meetings are, where they are, and who you can contact for more information, I'll post the news here.

This is actually the 2nd user group to be formed in Evansville. The first was started as a broad special interest group, hoping to attract all sorts of people with advanced computer interests. However, EASUG (Evansville Advanced Systems User Group) seemed to focus on Linux topics, thus boring the NT users to tears. The group dissolved shortly after its founder, Steven Pritchard moved from the area.

So, Evansville LUGgers, if you need some meeting location help, there's a great Library on the North side of town, "Red Bank" or something like that. Also, be sure to advertise at University of Evansville.. When I was schooling there, there were a *ton* of Linux users.

Thanks to Chris Dunn for the new LUG tip.