Originally Published: Friday, 12 November 1999 Author: Stan Shivell
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Free Linux Support & Linux Directory

Linuxfool.com has posted a Press release to LinuxPR about their Support Services and Directory of Linux Sites.

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From LLinuxPR

The popular Linuxfool.com portal has become somewhat of a support gateway for many Linux users. In the first few weeks of its existence, the site's own administrators as well as visitors have helped answer at least three hundred questions, with over 1000 total posts. Ironically the site has been featured in a Microsoft Windows-related e-zine, Lockergnome, and is catching a lot of attention from Windows users who are switching to Linux.

Linuxfool webmaster recently introduced the new Yahoo-like Web Directory for Linux sites, and encourages site submittals. The directory is expected to grow significantly, and ultimately the site will provide a single point of communication for all Linux users.

The site also provides significant resources for Linux Webmasters, such as a web ring and banner exchange. In only a mere few days, the banner exchange has shown over 20,000 banners, and has clickthrough ratios as high as 6-7% for some of its members.

Overall, Vladislav Davidzon, LinuxFool.com webmaster, hopes that this site will attract Linux enthusiasts, irrespective of proficiency level, experience or expertise. As this goal is accomplished, registered and new users will come to rely upon each other as "experts," seeking technical support and assistance from each other, in an unmoderated setting. With the web site currently exceeding projected volume expectations, LinuxFool.com averages between three and four hundred thousand hits each month.

The site can be reached at http://www.linuxfool.com

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