Originally Published: Thursday, 11 November 1999 Author: Stan Shivell
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Mission Critical Linux To Deliver Second Foundation Tool To Support Linux

Mission Critical Linux LLC, Has Released a Crash Analyzer that will help analyze your system after it has crashed so that finding out what caused the crash and fixing it will be eaiser..

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Foundation Tool To Support Linux In The Enterprise Computing Environments Nov 11th, 19:22 UTC

Company Releases Crash Analyzer

Lowell, Massachusetts - November 11, 1999 - Delivering once again on its promise to truly support the Linux operating system (OS) in mission-critical computing environments, Mission Critical Linux LLC unveiled the second of its three foundation tools, which support its technical services for the Linux platform. Mission Critical Linux's latest tool is a crash analyzer designed to assist in analyzing system failures. The kernel core dump utility, crash analyzer and expert engineering staff are part of a series of tools and services that empower Mission Critical Linux to lead the way in successfully supporting the deployment of Linux in the enterprise.

The primary computing requirements of businesses today include not only a high-performing, secure and reliable computing environment, but also continuous service to its employees and customers. Before the release of Mission Critical Linux's revolutionary tools, when a Linux system crashed, businesses would have to perform a complicated debugging process often resulting in hours of system downtime. Now, by using the kernel core dump utility and the crash analyzer, engineers at Mission Critical Linux are able to obtain a snapshot of all system activities before the system crash and rapidly analyze the data to isolate the problem and provide an appropriate software and/or hardware solution. As a result, Mission Critical Linux's engineers can restore the crashed system immediately while still recreating the state of the system before the crash occurred. This allows the engineers to quickly focus on the precise problems that caused the system to crash, without affecting the continuous service of the systems.

"The release of the crash analyzer tool is the second in a series of tools designed to advance and support Linux in the enterprise," said Moiz Kohari, president and CEO of Mission Critical Linux. "With these tools and our engineering expertise, Mission Critical Linux offers worldclass support services to successfully deploy the Linux OS in 24x7 computing environments."

The success of Linux greatly relies upon the unique openness and sharing principals on which Linux was founded. Therefore, Mission Critical Linux will feed all kernel modifications back into the community and will work closely with partners, customers and developers to promote the growth and successes of Linux and its community. Because Mission Critical Linux focuses all of its efforts on supporting mission-critical enterprise computing environments, the Company does not have a vested interest in either software or hardware. Therefore, it will support all major releases of Linux running on all platforms. Version 1.0 of the crash analyzer and the previously released kernel core dump utility are available for download from the Company's developer's forum page on its Web site at http://www.missioncriticallinux.com.

Along with its diagnostic tools, Mission Critical Linux offers support services to minimize and prevent business downtime and ensures systems are up and running 24x7. These services include:

Unparalleled Engineering Team Support - Mission Critical Linux is comprised of an elite engineering team with extensive enterprise experience. This experience includes building and supporting systems for major corporations such as MCI, Compaq, Lycos, Amazon.com, AOL and Oracle.

High Availability - Businesses rely on properly functioning systems. Downtime can result in loss of revenue and a decline in consumer confidence. Mission Critical Linux offers 24x7 support to bring systems back online as quickly as possible, thus minimizing any loss from systems failure.

Rapid Response - Each customer's computing environment is mission-critical to its business. Mission Critical Linux provides a quick response and has the capabilities to react to a crash within minutes. The Company offers a secure, high-speed connection via the Internet, which facilitates a responsive course of action - available 24 hours a day.

Pricing and Availability

Mission Critical Linux offers annual service contracts starting at $10,000. All of Mission Critical Linux's support contracts may be customized to meet a customer's individual operating needs, to reflect the complexity and scope of the customer's computing environment.

About Mission Critical Linux

Mission Critical Linux is dedicated to supporting the use of the Linux operating system in business-critical computing and e-commerce application environments. Comprised of highly qualified development and maintenance engineers, Mission Critical Linux offers critical systems analysis, monitoring and diagnostic tools to successfully deploy the Linux OS in 24x7 computing environments. For more information, visit the Company's Web site at http://www.missioncriticallinux.com or call (877) 53LINUX.

Press Contacts: Melissa Lohnes Sterling Hager, Inc. (617) 926-6665

Mission Critical Linux Brigitte Casemyr (978) 446-9166 casemyr@missioncriticallinux.com

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