Originally Published: Wednesday, 10 November 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Linux.com Games

We unveil a new subsection of Linux.com today: Games!

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Linux.com announces the availability of the new games.linux.com section. This section includes Linux game news, reviews, and information. We start with an article on Setting up a Quake 2 Server, and a Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition. There's also some information about the Linux versions Quake 3 Test, Unreal Tournament, and Civilization: Call to Power, as well as links to the most popular Linux games and Linux game sites.

Our goal with games.linux.com is to meet the needs of the Linux gaming enthusiast. As with every other section in Linux.com, games.linux.com is primarily operated by you -- volunteers from the Linux community. If you would like to join this or any other project, have a look at our Volunteer page.

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