Originally Published: Monday, 8 November 1999 Author: Stan Shivell
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Linux Documentation Project Updates

The Linux Documentation Project has had several document Updates. New Documentation, and Major and Minor revisions or current Documents have been posted.

Here is a Listing of the Documents that were Updated.

Classification: howto Document: Reading-List-HOWTO Author: Eric S. Raymond Description: Interesting books pertaining to Linux subjects Version: 1.9, 1 November 1999 URL: Reading-List-HOWTO Update: minor Comments: Processed: Sun Nov 7 20:12:58 CST 1999

Classification: howto Document: SMP-HOWTO Author: David Mentré Description: This HOWTO reviews main issues (and I hope solutions) related to SMP configuration under Linux Version: v1.7, 6 November 1999 URL: SMP-HOWTO Update: major Comments: Processed: Sun Nov 7 19:58:08 CST 1999

Classification: mini Document: Alsa-sound Author: Valentijn Sessink Description: Describes the installation of the Alsa sound drivers for Linux Version: v1.7, 29 July 1999 URL: Alsa-sound Update: major Comments: Processed: Sun Nov 7 20:40:00 CST 1999

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