Originally Published: Thursday, 4 November 1999 Author: John Eastman
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Linuxcare Chosen by IBM Global Services to Help Provide Linux Technical Support

Linuxcare to Help IBM Resolve Customers' Linux Source Code and Complex Technical Issues

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 1999--Linuxcare, Inc., a premier vendor of Linux technical services to the Global 1000, today announced that it has reached an agreement with IBM Global Services to help provide technical support for their customers' Linux environments.

Under the agreement, Linuxcare will provide IBM Global Services support engineers with 24x7 technical support services to help address customers' Level 3 Linux concerns. Level 3 denotes the most challenging support issues-usually involving source code-and requires in-depth knowledge of the Linux and Open Source software environment. Linuxcare will help deliver Level 3 support, isolate and resolve Linux source code defects, and address complex technical issues.

The agreement covers support for any Linux distribution, but is focused on major distributions where IBM Global Services does not have a specific agreement in place with the Linux distributor.

"Linuxcare is committed to providing Linux customers with the best support available, regardless of which Linux distribution they prefer," said Fernand Sarrat, president and CEO of Linuxcare. "We're pleased to work closely with IBM to help them deliver world-class Linux solutions to the marketplace."

"Even though Linux is an Open Source code environment, customers still want the same level of support they get for their other computing environments," said Larry Bucklew, Linux business executive, IBM Global Services. "By leveraging Linuxcare's Linux expertise, IBM Global Services can enhance its ability to deliver uncompromising support to customers who choose Linux."

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