Originally Published: Wednesday, 3 November 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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An Interview With Bowie J. Poag

We interviewed Bowie J. Poag, the founder of Propaganda and System 12. Find out more about these Linux community resources.

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"Linux.com: How did you learn how do make those cool-looking seamless tiles?"

"Bowie J. Poag: Trial and error, more or less. I've had a good deal of experience in CG prior to then, which helps, but the actual process of creating the tiles themselves is something you learn how to do over time. After a while, you learn how to pull off certain effects like marbling, surface erosion, and translucency."

"You start to collect those little tricks and combine them in different ways as you go. It takes a lot of work, but time flies when you're having fun."

"Linux.com: What's System 12 all about?"

"Bowie J. Poag: System 12 will be a resource stockpile for Linux application developers. For lack of a better buzzword, we don't really know what to call it yet, but the basic premise is this: System 12 (hopefully) will do for Linux application development what Themes.org did for windowmanagers. We're going to be offering a series of free `component toolkits' for developers to include in their own work. In exchange for using our work, we will be offering them free hosting space on our server so they can showcase their work to the community."

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