Originally Published: Tuesday, 2 November 1999 Author: Mike Baker
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Wow it's been abit since I last posted a news item here, I've been using most of my free time trying to implement a tivo device in software lately (you'd be amazed at what you can do with a tv card and an internet connection.) Anyway, I'd like to start things off by pointing out that we've created a new folder called forum. The forum is basically an anything goes question and answer area, the current topic in there is about features that should be added but if you've got a topic email us and we'll try to get it in there.

You might have also noticed that we're trying something abit different with today's tips, I threw in one containing a diff to the window maker source just to break up this recent stream of beginner tips. If any of the window maker developers are reading this I'd really like an option for a multi column dock so I wouldn't need this patch.

In the theme of trying something different, I should meantion that we're doing abit of cleanup on the code that runs this section (you can all thank marius for this one). If you've got any questions about the section or want any features to be added you can add a reply to the message in the forum folder -- giving out your email address on comments is now optional so I expect to see alot of cool comments in there.

We're still doing our SETI thing (no, not that one -- Search for Experienced Tweaking Intelligence). You can try your luck at getting a @linux.com account by filling out the volunteer form here. We'd appreciate any help you can offer writing tips for the section. If you don't want to be a volunteer but still have a tip to send us you can fill out the form here.

-Mike Baker (mbm@linux.com)
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