Originally Published: Monday, 1 November 1999 Author: Andrew Feinberg
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High School LUG News

Last week, LUGs.linux.com columnist, Andrew Feinberg, founded a new LUG for his HS-LUG project. This is what he had to say:

Last week I founded a LUG and we had our first meeting. It was cool. I had been thinking about it for a while. After all, my HS-LUG project needed a chapter at my school, and I wanted to network with other Linux users. So, I found a few others and had a PA announcement made:

"The Linux Club will meet after school in the courtyard today. All are welcome." Ten people showed up, eight of whom had ever used Linux before. We look forward to our first installfest this month.

If you're interested in starting a LUG in your High School, or would like other information about this project, you can view the HS-LUG project's website at http://hs-lug.tux.org/.