Originally Published: Friday, 29 October 1999 Author: Stan Shivell
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Licq Install Guide for Slackware

Linuxnewbie.org has posted a tutorial on getting Licq-0.70.1 Up and running on a Slackware system.

From Linuxnewbie.org

1: Goto http://www.licq.org and download licq-0.70.1.tar.gz (http://www.licq.org/licq-0.70.1.tar.gz) from the downloads page. You also should get the newest patch, licq-0.70a.diff (http://www.licq.org/licq-0.70.1a.diff).

2: Now you need the QT libraries. You NEED to have version 2.00, not 2.01, not 2.02, but 2.00. Make sure you don't have any other versions of QT installed first. If you do, remove them. Download QT 2.00 from: ftp://ftp.troll.no/qt/source/qt-2.00.tar.gz Unpack it to /usr/local either using Midnight Commander or from the command line. EX: gunzip qt-2.00.tar.gz tar xf qt-2.00.tar.

3: Now as root, make sure nothing is in ~/.profile (or ~/.bashrc) or /etc/profile (or /etc/bashrc) relating to QT. If there is nothing there from QT then edit /etc/profile, go to the very bottom and add this section:

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