Originally Published: Thursday, 28 October 1999 Author: Kristopher Kersey
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Intel Pushes Many New Chips

As stated on the 25th, Intel did release new chips. The release was Intel's broadest processor launch to date with its nine new desktop Pentium IIIs, three new Xeons, and three new mobile Pentium IIIs all based on Intel's new 0.18 micron fab process. Along with these new CPUs though, Intel also released its new Intel 840 chipset. According to Intel, "Workstations based on these processors and the new Intel 840 Chipset offer enhanced systems features and capabilities including the 133 MHz system bus, 64-bit PCI support, graphics support for AGP 2x/4x, and dual Direct RDRAM memory channels with up to 2 GB of memory support." This release was mighty impressive and as soon as we get our hands on some of these new chips thhere will be a full review.