Originally Published: Thursday, 28 October 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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An Interview With Gad Berger

We talked to Gad Berger and the LSDVD development team about their plans to support DVD technologies on Linux.

"Linux.com: How would you define the state of DVD support for Linux at the moment?"

"Gad Berger: As of last night, there has been quite a turn of events. Currently, there is an open source AC-3 decoder, written by Aaron Holtzman, and for MPEG-2 decoding, you can use mpeg2player. What's kept the Linux community in the dark has been the Trade Secret encryption scheme CSS (Content Scrambling System)."

"I'm not sure where this will lead DVD development in Linux, or for that matter in industry, but now it's more of a `let's wait and see what happens.'"

"LSDVD is currently developing a player that will interact with the upcoming hardware decoders that hould show up on stores around Christmas, with Linux drivers. After creating a hardware-based decoder, we plan to make a solid software decoder available to the Linux community. We hope to open source as much of it as we can."

"Linux.com: What was this turn of events? Has the secret of CSS been revealed?"

"Gad Berger: Yes they have. I don't know too much about the current standings of the decryptor, but I can tell you that last night I was in a friend's room watching both the video and audio streaming from a disc that was both unlocked, and the vob (video object file) was being piped through a css decryption program."

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