Originally Published: Wednesday, 27 October 1999 Author: John Eastman
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Linuxcare to Provide Linux Support for NEC Software

Linuxcare, Inc. has reached agreement with NEC Software (NES) to provide in-depth Linux technical support for NES developers.

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Japanese-language Linux Technical Support for NEC Software Developers and Customers

Linuxcare, Inc., the first company to offer comprehensive Linux technical services to the Global 1000, has reached agreement with NEC Software (NES), the 3800-person Systems Integration arm of NEC, to provide in-depth Linux technical support for NES developers engaged in building Linux-based solutions.

As the solutions are deployed, Linuxcare will additionally provide backline Linux support for NES customers.

"NEC Software is a leader in developing and delivering technical solutions in Japan," said Jay Powell, Linuxcare's Director of Asia Pacific Operations. "The partnership, which combines NEC Software's systems integration capabilities and Linuxcare's deep Linux expertise, will benefit customers who are interested in Linux's superior flexibility, stability, and low cost. We're delighted that NEC software chose Linuxcare to help bring Linux-based solutions to the Japanese market."

Takaaki Seki, President of NEC Software said, "Linux is rapidly evolving as one of the operating systems for many solutions, steadily expanding to be the platform for the future business scenarios. I'm confident that the technologies and support of Linuxcare, offering expertise in Linux which is independent of distribution, will enhance the quality of our Linux solution services to our customers, and will promote the rapid development of our business in Linux."

Under the agreement, Linuxcare will provide backline technical support for all major distributions of Linux in Japanese. Supported distributions include those from LASER5, Red Hat, TurboLinux (formerly Pacific HiTech), and others.

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