Originally Published: Monday, 18 October 1999 Author: James Andrews
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Linuxworld "Essential Linux Openbook"

Linuxworld is hosting "A community effort to create a living guide to the planning, installation, and operation of a Linux system" Take a look!

Sure, plenty of people have done this sort of thing before but it is a stylish attempt with Linuxworlds editorial team behind it.

Here is the table of Contents

"A community effort to create a living guide to the planning, installation, and operation of a Linux system. This work is covered by the IDG Books Open Content License, and may be freely reproduced and redistributed under its terms. One of the first open content texts available, this book is revolutionary and truly distinct in that it is the work not of one or a few key figures, but of the Linux community, for the Linux community.


Our goal Our plan Your input

Chapter 1: Planning the Installation

What kind of server do you want? How much traffic will you bear? What hardware do you need? What software do you need? Backups before, during, after

Chapter 2: Installing Linux

Your installation gameplan The right distribution The time frame The applications Creating and managing partitions What goes where When to break the rules

Chapter 3: User Management

Creating users Using su/root Quotas? Customizing users Groups Passwords Access

Chapter 4: Networking

Connecting to the network or ISP TCP/IP PPP and modems Dial on demand Cable modems/xDSL Other direct network connections

Chapter 5: Server applications

Apache Installation Configuration Tuning Add-ons Applications Database mySQL postGRES DNS Fax File/Print Mail Configuring an email server IMAP POP3 Configuring sendmail News Message Forums Chat

Chapter 6: Security

Basic security Using ipchains for masquerading Plugging holes using ipchains Log files Signs of a breakin or breakin attempts ipchains Firewalls Intrusion monitoring

Chapter 7: Odds and Ends

Tips and tricks Virtual consoles alias your commands Need more ideas for this section Where do I get [fill in the blank]?

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting

What do I do now? (Answers to common traps & problems)


Contributors Other Resources "

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