Originally Published: Wednesday, 13 October 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Sanyo and TurboLinux Team Up

TurboLinux, a Linux distributor in Japan, has announced a deal with Sanyo, which is the world's largest commercial Linux deal.

TurboLinux has announced a deal with Sanyo to ship their product on 20,000 medical workstations over the next four years.

"Sanyo Electronics chose TurboLinux because of its strong Linux development team in Japan," said Hideo Hayashi, director of the Medicom Business Department. "And TurboLinux has the expertise to provide us the solid support that we require."

"The Sanyo medical workstations, called Newve, are priced at around $20,000 each and comprised of an Intel architecture computer based on the 433 MHz Celeron processor plus a monitor, printer and a specialized medical software application."

"Under the terms of the deal, TurboLinux will provide ongoing technical services and support for Sanyo. TurboLinux engineers worked with Sanyo for almost a year in porting and testing the medical software application to optimize its performance on Linux."

"Analysts believe the Sanyo deal is the largest Linux enterprise sale ever. "This announcement is proof that Linux is beginning to replace other operating environments within the enterprise."

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