Originally Published: Sunday, 10 October 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Slackware Beta 6.9.1 Released

Slackware-current has been upgraded to 6.9.1. Slackware 7 is soon to follow.

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Slackware Beta 6, the transition between older, libc5-based Slackware 4, and newer, glibc2-based Slackware 7, has reached version 6.9.1. Changes include all the regular bugfixes and package upgrades, as well as some changes to Slackware's installation and configuration utilities. All packages are of the latest versions to date, (with the exception of KDE, which is version 1.1.2, instead of development KDE 2. More information is available in the Changelog. At the rate of Beta 6's development, Release 7 should be available shortly.

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