Originally Published: Sunday, 10 October 1999 Author: James Andrews
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Overview of Linux Cryptographic Systems

This document by Doobee. R. Tzeck broadly explains a number of methods for encrypting data held on disk and gives pointers to installation and setup guides for all of them

Encrypting your Disks with Linux

There are many reasons to encrypt your disks. Encryption can be much more secure than physical security. By using an encrypted disk you can defeat the attacks done by power-cycling your machine, booting from another volume and mounting your partitions. Encryption can keep the person which stole your Laptop form poking around in your files.

There are more than half a dozen approaches towards encrypting your disks with Linux:

1.Loopback Encryption 2.Encrypted Home Directorys 3.CFS - Cryptographic File System 4.TCFS - Transparent Cryptographic Filesystem 5.ppdd - Practical Privacy Disc Driver 6.sfs - Steganographic File System for Linux 7.StegFS - A Steganographic File System for Linux 8.Cryptfs 9.BestCrypt .... Full Document