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Definite Software announces the first UK supported Linux Distribution

Definite Software PLC today announced the UK release of Definite Linux version 7.0, a definitive stage in the development of Linux.

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M2 PRESSWIRE-4 October 1999-DEFINITE SOFTWARE: Definite Software announces the first UK supported Linux Distribution (C)1994-99 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

Definite Software PLC today announced the UK release of Definite Linux version 7.0, a definitive stage in the development of Linux. First showing of this product will be at Linux Expo 99, London Olympia, 6th-7th October, stand 1:24.

Linux is an ultra fast, secure, stable 32 bit operating system and development environment which runs on PC compatible hardware and comes complete with hundreds of applications (programming languages, graphics, word processing., networking, accounting, database, office, games etc.) It can be used for almost any computing application - as a. UNIX workstation/server, internet server, development platform or as a file & print server in a mixed UNIX, Windows & Mac network etc. There are no licence fees to pay so it is a very cost-effective alternative to Windows NT.

Definite Linux, which is 100% Red Hat* Linux compatible is based on the latest version of the Linux kernel and is completely up to date. Definite Linux is the first distribution of Linux to be fully supported in the UK and includes free installation support in the price. It comes with user manuals / installation guides and all required documentation on CD-Rom.

Definite Linux is based on the latest release of the Linux Kernel and has features in it that make it more relevant to UK users than other distributions, for example support for ISDN, built in fax server software, enhanced support for CD Writers.

Definite Linux includes Star Office for personal or business use. Star Office is a complete office package for Linux, published by Sun Microsysterns inc which includes file compatibility with Microsoft Office products.

Definite Software have also announced the launch of a white-box program for PC Builders to pre-install the complete Definite Lintux system on their machines, together with a PC certification program including the production of PC specific installation scripts for the system builder.

A sister company will produce a range of badged Definite Linux PC's which will be fully tested to be 100% Linux compatible and will come with 1 years on site hardware maintenance.

Software Support Contracts are available from Definite Software, ranging from the free installation support included with the Official Retail boxed package, 9-6/5 telephone support contracts for businesses and 24/7 support 365 days a year for mission critical applications.

Definite Software PLC is the first Linux Distribution company to offer a share option scheme for distributors of their products. Each copy of Definite linux sold will count towards an option scheme whereby dealers may be able to profit from the eventual success of the company.

Products being released include:- Definite Linux Official Boxed Set GBP 39.99, Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server GBP 149.99, Definite Linux Bookshelf GBP 29.99, Definite Linux White Box and a range of accessories including Mouse Mats, T-Shirts etc.

Definite Software PLC have appointed CD-Rom Distribution PLC of Stockport as their exclusive distributor for the UK. CD-Rom Distribution have a proven track record with Linux products and currently distribute the UK telephone directory (UK-Info) exclusively and have secured a top 50 place in the overall software sales charts for this product. (Source Chart Track w/e 24/9/99).

Definite Software will be actively seeking overseas distributors for the products.

The following page contains technical details regarding the Definite Linux 7.0 Distribution.

Images & Text for press use may be downloaded from www.definitesoftware.com/press

Definite Software PLC, Mowbray House, Mowbray Street, Stockport, Cheshire, SKI 3EJ, UK

Some recent press quotes regarding Linux

"Linux will be the most exciting growth platform over the next 10 years" "Open source operating system will experience the biggest o/s growth since Windows" "The time to get into Linux is now" Dr. Mike Cowpland President and CEO - Corel

Linux has even won Royal approval as the Windsor's web site has been recently switched from Sun Solaris to Linux" PC Dealer

Support for Linux, the most popular alternative (to Windows) grows daily Ben Hammersley - The Times

"One look convinced me that Linux is getting ready to storm the consumer market" Christopher Lynas The Guardian

"We did not want Microsoft's horrendous licensing and management costs" Steve Hnizdur Reliance Mutual data processing manager commenting on his decision to deploy Linux on desktops

Definite Linux 7.0 Some Technical Details

Definite Linux 7.0 continues and improves upon the excellence of Definite Linux.

Built around version 2.2.12 of the Linux kernel with patches to improve speed and support for additional hardware including the DPT SmartRAID V controllers (which means that almost all hardware RAID controllers are now supported), Definite Linux 7.0 is completely up to date and offers everything you need to implement a powerful server or workstation. As a server platform Definite Linux excels, offering file and print services, directory services, web (including secure web), email, news, and even enterprise class fax and SQL database services. Just as you would expect of any true server platform, Definite Linux offers support for all the major server technologies and offers true ease of management with well designed utilities to manage the system both at the console and remotely, even including a web browser interface to all system management features. With improved SNIP and RAID support your servers will be faster and more reliable than ever before. For those wanting to use Definite Linux as a workstation even more has been done to ensure that you have everything you need.

The inclusion of XFree86 3.3.5 means that Definite Linux 7.0 supports most of the popular video cards including those from A-1, Matrox, Diamond, S.3, SiS, and Video Logic to mention just a few of the vendors whose cards are supported. Support for 3D graphics cards is also including so your Voodoo, TNT, and 3D Labs cards can be fully utilised. Definite Linux features many choices for how to present your GUI desktop including old favourites such as FVWM and the increasingly popular Gnome and KDE complete desktop environments.

Gnome 1.0 (with all the latest updates) offers a powerful and visually stimulating desktop with features such as drag and drop being standard. A host of powerful applications come as standard with Gnome including a word processor, a well featured spreadsheet, personal management utilities and a host of tools to allow to you manage your system from within this well integrated and presented GUI.

With many games and multimedia utilities included you can play CDs, MP3s, wav files while perfecting your solitaire skills.

KDE version 1.1.1 offers many similar features and is also very visually pleasing.

For the artistically inclined Definite Linux includes GIMP. GIMP allows you to be creative and manipulate images in numerous formats. Many GIMP users believe that it is far superior to commercial packages available on other platforms.

One of the cornerstones of the Linux world is the Internet. Linux is developed and grew up on the Internet so it is fitting that Linux benefits from a wealth of Internet tools including Netscape Communicator 4.61, packages for managing your email and news, ftp client, irc clients and much more.

You can switch between the various GUI desktop choices easily and you can even share applications running on one system to others via the X Window system. You can choose whether to have your system start straight into the GUI environment or to boot into a powerful text based shell with the option to start the GUI still available to you.

In addition to all of this Definite Linux comes with many extra packages that you can choose to install as options after the main installation. These include dozens of system and network management and security tools as well as games, development systems, graphics and rendering software, accounting software and much more.

CONTACT: Lance Davis, Definite Software PLC Tel: +44 (0)161 477 8848 e-mail: lance@definitesoftware.com Ian Birchenough, CD-Rom Distribution PLC Tel: +44 (0)161 477 4235 e-mail: ianb@cdromd.com Jason Clifford, technical enquiries e-mail: jason@definitesoftware.com


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