Originally Published: Monday, 4 October 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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RedHat 6.1 Release Official

Red Hat officially announced that release 6.1 of their popular distribution is available today.

Today Red Hat distributed a press release detailing version 6.1 of their Red Hat Linux distribution.

New features included are a revamped graphical install utility, which includes the ability to install over a network with no local media present. Another new feature is the Red Hat Update Agent, which allows users to update their software automatically while they're online. Included with this is 128-bit secure signature technology, to authorize packages before installing them.

This release will allow users the choice between a GNOME or KDE desktop, or alternatively a server configuration with no graphical shell. This distribution also uses a 2.1.12 kernel.

Other features include StarOffice 5.1a for productivity, and LDAP for controlling a distributed computing environment. Through collaboration with Intel, this release is also optimized for the Pentium III processor.

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