Originally Published: Monday, 4 October 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Cybernet Introduces ... Industry's First Linux-based InternetAppliance Software

New Web, File and FireWall Servers Dramatically Simplify Linux Configuration and Management

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ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1999--Cybernet Systems Corporation today announced the industry's first suite of Linux-based thin server/Internet appliance software to be available through retail channels. The NetMAX series dramatically simplifies Linux server configuration and management, while delivering the full power of Red Hat(TM) OS (NASDAQ: RHAT) and proven applications such as the Apache web server, Sendmail, Samba and others. A relatively unsophisticated user can set up a NetMAX WebServer, FileServer or FireWall system in as little as 15 minutes through a few simple mouse clicks. And as software-only solutions, NetMAX thin servers give the user the flexibility to select whatever hardware best meets their needs.

"The true power of the NetMAX is in simplifying Linux," noted Greg Emery, vice president of marketing for Cybernet. "While Linux is recognized as the 'next great thing' it's notoriously difficult to install and configure. We've eliminated those problems for the first time, enabling mainstream computer users to easily configure an inexpensive, rock-solid web, file or firewall server."

The NetMAX thin servers use custom configuration code, tight component integration and an advanced graphical HTML interface to simplify Linux installation and management. Setting up a typical Linux server takes significant technical depth and potentially several days of configuration and "tweaking." The NetMAX servers, in contrast, can be set up by anyone that can use a web browser. Yet command-line access to the Linux OS is simply a mouse-click away.

Beyond simply incorporating an advanced HTML interface, however, the NetMAX thin servers use specialized custom software to automatically configure the underlying application components based on changing user input. Instead of modifying 15 different software parameters for a TCP/IP address, for example, the user simply enters the information once and NetMAX takes care of the rest. The underlying software components are also integrated into a seamless "Internet appliance," so no separate configuration steps are required. Moreover, since NetMAX is a software-only solution, the user has the flexibility to choose the best PC for their particular server application, and that hardware can be changed or upgraded at any time. There are three initial products in the NetMAX thin server series: - NetMAX WebServer - Web, Email and FTP services - NetMAX FileServer - File and print services - NetMAX FireWall - Firewall and router Each can be installed alone or in combination, and all are ideal for use by ISPs, small businesses or corporate workgroups. The NetMAX thin server series is carried by leading retailers and distributors throughout North America. Each server carries an approximate street price of $99. Separate press releases on each product are available on the Cybernet NetMAX web site (www.netmax.com) or by calling Alice Aoki at 408-441-4100.

About Cybernet

Cybernet Systems is a technology research and development company focused on creating and commercializing innovative, high quality, leading-edge solutions in the networking, wireless, robotics, electromechanical and PC hardware/software arenas. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More information on Cybernet or its NetMAX product line is available on the world wide web at www.cybernet.com or www.netmax.com. CONTACT: Cybernet Systems Janice Foster, 734/668-2567 or Sterling Communications Alice Aoki, 408/441-4100

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