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OpenLinux 2.3 Fastest Selling Linux Product in Caldera History

New Version of Award-Winning Linux Distribution Sets Company Sales Record

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OREM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1999--Caldera Systems, Inc., the "Linux for Business" leader, today announced that OpenLinux 2.3 is the company's fastest selling product ever.

OpenLinux 2.3 shipped Sept. 13 of this year with sales of 40% more than any other OpenLinux product. OpenLinux 2.3 provides remote mass installation capabilities and is Y2K tested to operate through the millennium changeover date and beyond.

"After the rush of OpenLinux 2.2, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the demand for 2.3 was just as high," said Ransom Love, president and CEO of Caldera Systems, Inc. "We're already in our second manufacturing and I think a lot of it has to do with the feedback that we received from all parts of the industry. We tried to implement the best suggestions of our VARs, customers and engineers worldwide plus, the Open Source, press and analyst communities. Because we listened, OpenLinux 2.3 is faster, easier and can perform mass installations remotely -- which makes life much easier for MIS managers regardless of business-size."

OpenLinux 2.3 is based on the 2.2.10 kernel and includes an improved LIZARD (LInux wiZARD) install with faster auto-probing. LIZARD was the first point-and-click graphical install of Linux and it revolutionized Linux on the workstation. LIZARD detects many more sound and video cards so that both audio and visual are automatically configured without user intervention. LIZARD can now run after the installation to reconfigure video resolution or other configuration options. Caldera Systems Open-Sourced the technology earlier this month. LIZARD, COAS and other Caldera Open Source technologies are available for download from www.openlinux.org.

Business Solutions: Pre-Configured and Unattended Installs

Pre-configured install options include Home Computer, Web Server, Business Workstation, Development Workstation and Network Server. With the custom configuration option, the new Linux Unattended Installation allows the enduser to have completely non-interactive, script-based installs.

The Unattended Install feature combined with LIZARD's remote capabilities, makes network administration even easier for systems integrators and channel partners with mass installation needs. VARs can now replicate custom configurations to meet the needs of multiple markets.

System Requirements

OpenLinux 2.3 includes remote management capabilities and integrates into existing systems, running on Intel-based PCs 386 and up -- including laptops -- with at least 16 MB of RAM and 350 MB hard disk. StarOffice and additional packages require an additional 100 MB of additional disk space, 386, 486 or Pentium/compatible. Inclusion of the DHCP client enables plug-and-play interaction with corporate LANs without requiring UNIX knowledge or experience.


Customers who have purchased OpenLinux 2.2 may upgrade to OpenLinux 2.3 for $19.95.


Caldera Systems provides full 90-day or five incident free installation support with 24x7 e-mail support to VARs and end-users through the Caldera Systems Knowledge Base at www.caldera.support.com. Full 24x7, fee-based support -- with one-hour response guaranteed -- is also available.

Support includes Linux administration training and certification courses through Caldera Authorized Linux Education Centers (ALECs) worldwide.


OpenLinux 2.3 is Y2K tested and certified. For details please visit our Web site at: http://www.calderasystems.com/y2k/.

Open Source

Please visit www.openlinux.org to download Caldera Systems' technologies that have been open-sourced -- including but not limited to -- LIZARD, Caldera Open Administration System(COAS) and the OpenLinux 2.2 port for Sun's SPARC(TM) and UltraSPARC(TM)-based platforms.

Caldera/Caldera Systems

Caldera was founded in 1994. Caldera Systems is the "Linux for Business" technology leader in designing, developing and marketing Linux-based business solutions, including its award-winning OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, Linux technical training, certification and support. Caldera Systems is a leader in, and supporter of Linux Standard Base (LSB) and Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

Caldera Systems offers a comprehensive line of services including on-site consulting, 24x7 support -- up to and including -- on-site board swap. Caldera Systems Authorized Linux Education Centers (ALECs) offer distribution-neutral Linux training and certification based on LPI certification standards. The OpenLinux operating system and related services are available from Caldera Systems, and Caldera Systems resellers, partners and distributors including IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu, MTI and Helius.

OpenLinux has received many industry awards including "Best Networked Operating System" from Network Computing and Linuxworld's "Best Client" during Linuxworld Expo in August. Other accolades include Red Herring's "Top 50 Privately Held Companies" and Best of Comdex finalist.

Caldera Systems is based in Orem with offices and 950+ resellers worldwide. Please visit Caldera Systems at www.calderasystems.com. In the U.S., please call 888-GO-Linux (888/465-4689). In Europe, please call 801/765-4999 or contact us via e-mail at linux@calderasystems.com. For investor inquiries, please contact Nhung Fidler at 801/765-4999.

Note to Editors: To become an OpenLinux reseller, please visit www.calderasystems.com/channel/app. Caldera Systems, Inc. is a Canopy Group holding under the Ray Noorda/Canopy Group Investment Company. Ray Noorda is the former CEO of Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq:NOVL)

Caldera is a registered trademark of Caldera, Inc. OpenLinux is a trademark of Caldera Systems, Inc. All other products, services, companies, events and publications are trademarks, registered trademarks or servicemarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and/or other countries.

LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. CONTACT: Caldera Systems Inc., Orem Nancy Pomeroy, 801/765-4999 (Press ONLY Contact) nancy@calderasystems.com

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