Originally Published: Friday, 1 October 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Definite Linux 7.0 Released

Definite Linux is the first exclusively UK (United Kingdom) supported Linux distribution.

The British now have a distribution to call their own. Definite Software has announced a new distribution, based on Red Hat, that will have full UK support.

Included with the distribution is a 2.2.12 kernel and a copy of StarOffice for personal or business use. Support with installation is included with the purchase price.

The included kernel will be optimized for speed and support of additional hardware, such as the DPT SmartRAID V controllers.

Definite Software also plans to set up a program where PC Builders will profit from selling machines with Definite Linux pre-installed.

Products being released include: - Definite Linux Official Boxed Set, 39.99 - Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server, 149.99 - Definite Linux Bookshelf, 29.99

As well as these products, they are planning to provide a full array of merchandise such as t-shirts, mousepads, and more.

Definite Linux