Originally Published: Friday, 1 October 1999 Author: Trae McCombs
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Meet with Us at ALS!

We'll be meeting at the 3rd annual Atlanta Linux Showcase as it says at the top left of the screen. Click on the link to find out more about chatting with us while we are at the show!

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Linux.com staff will be present at the 3rd Annual Atlanta Linux Showcase, and we want to meet you! We'll have several staff members present and will be chatting with as many people as we can that swings by our booth. We'll be taking applications and talking to people that are interested in helping out with the site.

As you probably know by know, we take just about anyone that is willing to work hard. We want linux.com to be a place where everyone can feel at home and feel that they have a part in this thing. So stop by our booth and if you are interested in helping out, let us know and we'll place you in a spot where you and your skills fit in best.

Finally, we'd also like to invite all Companies that are interested in finding out how they can help be a part of linux.com as well. As you know, we don't promote businesses on the front page of linux.com, only community projects, however we do allow for it on the corp.linux.com site. Come meet the staff so you know who to get your press releases too! ;)

Thanks, and see you at the showcase! Yours, Trae McCombs Linux.com -- Site Manager

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