Originally Published: Thursday, 30 September 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Slackware 6.5.0 - BETA Released

This morning the Slackware team released a beta version 6.5 of the Slackware distribution. Changes mainly include a lot of software upgrades.

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Slackware, one of the first Linux distributions, released Slackware Linux 6.5.0 - BETA today, as an upgrade to their current 6.0preBETA.

The "Stable" release of Slackware, version 4.0, uses an older libc5 base. The "Current" release, 6.0 and above, is based on a more modern glibc2.

Changes to the distribution include upgrades on most packages, including GNOME, and a 2.2.12 kernel. Slackware can use both GNOME and KDE, which can both be selected upon install.

Also included are all the recent security fixes for installed packages, such as wu-ftpd and libtermcap.

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