Originally Published: Saturday, 25 September 1999 Author: Mike Baker
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Today's cruft

Let's see.. we've created a blackbox version of the wmtuneup script so if you happen to be running black box go and snarf it here.

Other items of interest:

  • We're still looking for volunteers to staff the tuneup section, this kinda takes the pressue off us trying to come up with new tips everyday, or if you just want to submit a tip any help would be appreciated.

  • The comment system has been in place for awhile now with hardly more than half a dozen comments, the majority of them being from staff. Please do make use of the comment system to start a discussion, we'd love to hear your thoughts on tips and what you like.

  • We're going to start posting articles here, so if you'd like to be interviewed for a tuneup related article or have a great idea for something we could write up in an article please let us know.

    - Mike Baker (mbm@linux.com)