Originally Published: Thursday, 23 September 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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XMMS 0.9.5 Released

Version 0.9.5 of the X MultiMedia System, a free multimedia player for Unix platforms, has been released today.

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The X MultiMedia System, a Free Software project sponsored by 4Front Technologies, has released version 0.9.5. XMMS is a multimedia player for Unix platforms, and supports the OSS sound interface used by many Unix platforms including Linux. The look and feel of XMMS is based on the popular Winamp player for Windows systems.

Olle Hällnäs of the XMMS team has informed Linux.com of the new features of XMMS 0.9.5. These include:

  • Visualization Support (VIS Plugins)
  • Equalizer shade mode.
  • Number of stability fixes for the mpg123 plugin.
  • Changed the Effect plugin system to make it more flexible.
  • Better mouse-wheel/keyboard support.
  • Support for reading ID3v2 tags. (read only)
  • Added HTTP authorization (http://user:pw@host)
  • Info about the mpeg stream in the file info box.
  • Option to recognizing files by content. (mpg123 input plugin)
  • If a new url has no "http://" prefix, one is prepended to the string.
  • Random select skin on play funktion.
  • User defined pause between songs.
  • Proxy authentication support.
Additionally, several new plugins for XMMS have been created in conjunction with the 0.9.5 release. These include the following plugins:
  • Cin Video player input plugin (Quake2 Movies). (input)
  • Blur Scope (Visualization)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (Visualization)
  • OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer (Visualization)
As XMMS comes closer to version 1.0, many more features are in the works, including the possibility of recording features. XMMS is available under the GNU General Public License; source and binaries, as well as plugins, are available from the download page.

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