Originally Published: Wednesday, 22 September 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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WinLinux 2000 Beta Ready

WinLinux is a distribution designed to work well with Windows.

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WinLinux 2000 is a new distribution designed for an inexperienced user. It will detect all your hardware, and does not require any user configuration or even shell/console access.

WinLinux is installed directly onto a Windows filesystem, with no need for partitioning or disk configuration. The installer is also Windows-based, running as any other Windows-based application.

WinLinux features the K Desktop Environment and all of it's assorted applications. It runs a Linux 2.2.6 kernel, and includes various other applications such as Netscape Communicator, GNU Image Manipulation Program, x11amp, and several others.

WinLinux is designed to smooth the transition between Windows and Linux for a beginning user. Ease of use and configuration is stressed with this product. The FTP site is currently down (10:00AM PST, 09/22/99), but will be up soon.

WinLinux 2000 Website Get WinLinux

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