Originally Published: Sunday, 19 September 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Microsoft to destroy UNIX educational market

Microsoft pressures colleges and universities to replace their UNIX-based networks exclusively with NT.

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Microsoft is prepared to offer universities and colleges lower-priced licenses on their Windows NT operating system, as long as the institutions run Microsoft's software exclusively. Recognizing the need for freedom of choice, Microsoft is not establishing this restriction on client workstations, only servers.

By accepting this offer, universities such as California State, who is meeting with Microsoft concerning this initiative, could be weeding out the tremendous UNIX and Linux support from their campuses, thereby restricting development of Free Software.

Universities rumored to be a part of this project include California State, Yale, and Indiana State. Some institutions, such as the University of San Jose, opted to stay with their current systems and disapproved of Microsoft's proposal.

Historically, educational campuses have been the birthplace of many different breeds of UNIX, including Linux and the different BSD variants. Bell Labs even licensed UNIX to universities when the original OS was first developed.

By extending its monopoly to a market which has been primarily UNIX-based for many decades, Microsoft is taking an aggressive stance toward the ominous threat of Open Source Software.

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