Originally Published: Friday, 17 September 1999 Author: Trae McCombs
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"Is Linux for You?" Feedback

We have a featured article today and a great deal of people are sending in feedback. Read below to find out our take on this.

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Linux.com is first and foremost a sounding board for the community. We want people out there in the community to feel as if they can post their comments in an article form so their views can be heard. To some people, Linux isn't ready for the masses yet. While to others, like myself, I do feel that Linux is ready for the masses. I myself am not an advanced user. I use Linux as a desktop tool to do every day tasks such as e-mail, Netscape and IRC. There are plenty of other GNOME/KDE apps out there that let one do just about anything they feel they need to do. Even my wife, a novice computer user, runs Linux.

Where am I going with this? Try not to flame someone for their opinion. If you don't agree with the article, then send one in yourself as a rebuttal to Jeff Alami, our editor. Jeff will see to it that your well thought out comments make their way to the Featured Articles on Linux.com. And as a hint of things to come, yes, we are going to have comments on Linux.com soon so you can voice your opinions to the public. :)

Enjoy, Trae McCombs Linux.com Site Manager

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