Originally Published: Friday, 17 September 1999 Author: Rob Thomas
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Mandrake 6.1 Released

Linux-Mandrake is a new distribution with ease of use for home and office users in mind.

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Linux-Mandrake, a distribution based on Redhat, released version 6.1 of their product. Mandrake was awarded "Product of the Year" at LinuxWorld expo. Updated software includes X-Free86 3.3.5 and KDE 1.1.2.

Most of the software included with Mandrake has been customized for Mandrake use. All packages are optimized for Pentium-class processors, resulting in a maximum 30% speed boost.

Already incorporated features include an easy installation, complete X-based configuration, and tight integration with the K Desktop Environment.

Linux-Mandrake Download Mandrake

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