Originally Published: Monday, 13 September 1999 Author: Sean
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Linux Education

One of the main hurdles I see for Linux is the lack of an available course for instruction of Linux/certification at the High School/ Junior college level. I can sign up for courses to get NT, or Novell certification but there are no Linux or even Unix courses available.

I work for the Michigan Department of Education and although a tech/geek type of capacity, I would like to be able to point people to available resources for out-of-the-box type of classes which are commonly used at the community college level and possibly in high schools curriculums. As well as instruction for instructors...

The basic premise behind wanting to use a Linux based solution is pretty simple. You can teach concepts with it (basic concepts which go acrossed platforms), it is free (no licensing issues), kids can do this at home without having to steal software. Also, Linux is hackable enough to make some great demonstration tools (not only to teach concepts of say unix sockets but to actually demonstrate it easily.

This bolsters the platform in millions of ways, the foremost of which is my favourite IT excuse for not using it. "if you set it up and leave, who else can run the server?" "well this is what our techs know" or "where do you learn about ThAT?" And saying the internet is really not that credible of a resource.

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