Originally Published: Sunday, 12 September 1999 Author: Kara Pritchard
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Daily News

Attended the Peoria Area Linux Enthusiasts Linux Demo Day today. PALE is a fairly young LUG, and this is their first public event, and I will say, I think they did great. Though many LUGs have a nice active group, few LUGs have more than just a couple "organizers" or "activists" who pledge their own personal time, finances, manual labor, machines, and organizational skills required for an event like LDD. PALE seems to be one of the lucky ones, way to go! Detailed report of their event coming soon!

For local news, we've added some updates to the site. Mr LUG, for instance, has been *flooded* with tons of "Ask Linux" type questions. While we would love to answer all of them, the Linux general questions have been redirected to the general Linux information site. Ask Mr LUG has been set up as a place for LUG representatives, members, and leaders to post questions and requests for assistance. Some other changes you'll find are some extra LUG Vendor contacts, another HOWTO link, and some general bug fixes.

Coming this week... We'll be starting to post some LUG correspondance in a featured page called "LUGs Speak Out!". For a little while we'll just feature the articles with contact information, but a comment forum will be coming soon. Also, [drum roll please] the new LUG database is just a hand full of hours away from going live! [applause] Stay tuned for the opportunity for your submissions to *finally* be updated, and for instructions on how to update your LUG entries...